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All of us must have heard or even talked about the great things that organic food can do for our bodies. But, what if I say what we think may not be so?

Yes, organic foods may have more health benefits. However, if you pick up a organic food product and immediately assumes that it is better off than the non-organic counterparts, then you might be wrong….depending on which food product you happen to pick up.

if anyone has been to Shoppers Drug Mart lately, you would probably have seen they have lauched a new organic food product line. Sounds like a great option, organic food products offered at a low price, seems like something you can try, especially since it is labelled ‘Organic’.

Yet, if you have a chance to read the label of some of the those products, for example, the banana chips, you may be shocked! The label for the banana chips states that a serving contains nearly about 1/3 of the recommended daily saturated fat intake. Doesn’t sound too bad? Well, there is 3 servings in a small bag, which I am sure that you and I can finish in one sitting. So…if you have a full bag of banana chips as an afternoon snack, that means you have consumed a day’s worth of your saturated fat.

Sounds pretty scary if you ask me! Organic banana chips sure sound like it is a better option, but better option for who? It definitely doesn’t provide any more health benefits than regular banana chips and considering that we assume organics to be healthier, we may even eat a bit more since it is “better and healthier”.

Perhaps now it is a good time to think about what organic really means to us. I’m not saying the organic food industry is a big whole scheme to gobble up the consumers’ money, but perhaps profit is still the biggest motivation for these big food corporations to start new organic lines…maybe, maybe!

So how do you perceive the phrase, “organic food”?


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