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My mom’s not feeling too well these days. She’s been constantly complaining about pain coming from the pad of her right foot whenever she moves around or stands still. At first it all seems like the pain came from nowhere. Then yesterday, she realized that she had hurt the same area 20 years ago.

Now, everything seems to make more sense — the body is sending out a warning sign, probably expressing how it has been ignored for all these years.

Of course, the incident years ago is not the sole cause of her condition right now, but it would definitely make sense that it is the beginning of the problem, which eventually worsens over these years, to get to this stage today.

Taking care of the body is such a complex issue. Many of us are just too short-sighted, we only make decisions based on how it affects us right now. But what if the decisions we make today can directly alter how we are 10 , 20 years later…do those decisions deserve more of our time to sit down and think about it??

Decisions on health and nutrition definitely deserve more of our time.

When we choose to eat a hamburger today, we think about if it’s going to taste good, or maybe if it will make us too full. But what we should really consider is how it can affect us 20 years down the road. Yes, we might not eat hamburgers everyday, but honestly, if we have one today, we probably won’t reject having one for lunch 2 days later. Thus, all the hamburgers we eat in 20 years can add up and it can change our health status greatly.

Ever struggled to get out of bed for a morning run? How you choose almost solely depend on how concerned you are for your well being. Exercising has an immediate effect of making you feel happy (surge of endorphins!) and a long-lasting effect of keeping you energetic and young. But when we slam the alarm in the morning, we rarely think about how running will can keep us happy and fit for many years, we probably just think of excuses so we can skip the run and enjoy sleeping in today.

In generally, it is very easy for us to compare immediate costs & benefits of doing things (or skipping certain ones) , but we never really see the long-term rewards or consequences unless we consciously remind ourselves.

So is there karma? The way we treat our body today will predict how well (or how poorly) our body responds to us in 20 years…I think there’s karma.